Don’t Make Me Pull a Katherine Hepburn


black pants white tux jacket floral scarf

I want to look like Audrey Hepburn, but I want to behave like Katherine Hepburn. Why?

I don’t understand women who don’t like to wear pants. I’m the kind of woman who completely empathizes with Katherine’s legendary pantless protests.

As the story goes, when Katherine was working at RKO, the rule was that women had to wear dresses. Katherine merrily disregarded that idiocy and sported pants anyway, presumably because she was KATHERINE FREAKING HEPBURN.

The execs were so furious they had all of her pants removed from her trailer while she was filming. Dauntless, Katherine sauntered around set in her skivvies until her beloved slacks were returned.

Can you blame her? Have you seen that woman in a pair of wide-leg trousers?!

black pants white tux jacket floral scarf 2

A good pair of pants not only makes your tush look good, but also generously plays a myriad of roles in your closet. Pair it with a jacket to make an office-worthy suit, and with a silky camisole for dinner after work.

black pants white tux jacket floral scarf 3

By the way, we haven’t stolen Corsten’s pants, but he frequently pulls a Hepburn and walks around without them anyway.

You know they say you have to pick your battles? Well, I have a lot more important stuff to worry about than 50s movie execs, apparently; this is not one of mine.


Black trousers, The Limited.

White tee, Mossimo via Target.

Ivory and black tuxedo jacket,

Black leather belt, Everlane.

Burgundy suede pumps, Nine West.

Dark floral silk scarf, Yuki Torii.


Tuxed Up

cropped white tee tuxedo shorts

A little while ago, I went to a Cyndi Lauper concert and I couldn’t find the exact top I wanted to pair with a high-waisted skirt I love, so I just cut off an old t-shirt. I only planned to wear it that evening, but got so many glances of approval throughout the night from gay men (call me shallow, but I find that’s usually a strong indicator you’re onto something) and then I began  seeing simple cutoff tees in shops all around me, so I thought, “Why not rock it a few more times?”

Here, I pair it with a pair of high-waisted tuxedo shorts. The top’s ragged hem is in accord with the frayed shorts, and the outfit observes the rule of modern midriff-baring: Keep your bellybutton under wraps!


Maternity Tshirt, Liz Lange for Target, similar in V-neck here.

Tuxedo shorts, 5th and Hall.

Coral necklace, T.J. Maxx.

Silver rings, Silpada and thrifted.


Pumpkin, Baby!

orange pants black linen jacket

When I was little, my mom’s nickname for me was Pumpkin Baby (apparently, I had rolls like a pumpkin ♥). It must have subconciously imbued me with a love for the shade, because now I can’t get enough of it.

Here I’ve paired the hue with neutral basics (leopard is a neutral, right, Jenna Lyons?) to let the wide-leg pants be the star.

Also, I finally bit the dust and bought a paper planner. I’m still adjusting to carrying something around the size of a small dictionary, but feeling more organized and reading an inspirational quote each day (yes, I’m a dork like that) helps soften the blow.Update: While setting up the links to this post, I found my “Happy Stripe” planner has a matching pen, so I may survive after all.


Pumpkin wide-leg pants, Whimsy Boutique.

White Tshirt, Target. Buy Now.

Black Linen Blazer, vintage Elie Tahari.

Leopard calf-hair belt, vintage Saks Fifth Avenue.

Black and tan wedges, Michael Kors.

Planner, Emily Ley (monogrammed to help me remember my name on the crazy days).

Δ 1 Thing-Sharpen It

In today’s installment of Δ 1 Thing, we’ll look  at the role of fabric and cut in creating an overall look.

navy linen pants

For spying airplanes in the back yard, navy linen drawstring pants are cool and casual.

Corsten ACDC shirt

A white cotton eyelet top with a vented back keeps things equally comfortable and cool.


black culottes at library

For a trip out into the wide world, swapping out linen for a pair of culottes in polyester crepe creates a sharper look but still keeps legs cool.

P.S. If you like to travel light on the weekends, get yourself one of these phone wallet/clutch thingies. Fabulous for phone, a few cards, change, and a lip gloss.

eyelet top back.jpg



White cotton eyelet top, One Heart Clothing.

Navy linen pants, love|tree.

Black polyester crepe culottes, Banana Republic.

Two-strap slides, J. Crew.

Phone wallet, Coach.

Independence Day, Morning and Night

Your family probably doesn’t dress patriotically for the Fourth of July. Mine doesn’t, either. We dress for the whole weekend.

Which is why, when I took Friday off to pitch in with some family stuff and it began with breakfast at a local diner, I knew I’d better bring the sartorial swagger.


I’ve never been the type of girl who could convincingly plug a designer head-to-toe, and Uncle Sam is no exception. I like my patriotic outfits to consist of classic fabrics with a nod to Americana-something I could wear on the street any given day and not be mistaken for a star-spangled sign spinner.

white eyelet with cropped jeans

This combo of cropped dark denim, white eyelet top, and faded red bandana does the trick.

mom and corsten close up

Since the cool of morning only lasts for three minutes in Florida, I needed something lighter than jeans to carry me through the hotter weekend festivities.

navy and white tie dye

A drapey tie-dye tank and white denim cutoffs are the maximum amount of fabric I can wear when the temps rise above 90 degrees.

After seeing this pair of Miu Miu heels on Gigi Hadid in the May issue of Vogue, I decided to try a little ankle-gingham of my own. This strip tied into an anklet brings another dimension to the outfit when I don’t feel like adding the extra weight of jewelry.

Whatever your plans for the long weekend are, I hope you have fun. And hey-leave the fireworks to the professionals, okay? Countless veterans suffering from PTSD thank you (as do my dog and I).


Pretty much everything in this post is generic, scrounged from various bargain stores in my travels, except for the denim (Level99), espadrilles (Gaimo), and nail polish (in a world of so many almost-but-not-quite-right reds, Chanel’s Coromandel has never done me wrong).


The Student Becomes the Master

Have you ever met that person you become a complete and utter fangirl of the first time you meet them?

That was me the first time I met Brookellyn James. She was twelve.

We met in a small town in Ohio where I was a recent college grad doing nonprofit work with middle school students, and if Taylor Swift had already penned, “Some day I’ll be livin’ in a big ‘ole city, and all you’ll ever be is-mean…” it would have rang out clearly as her theme song.

I loved seeing her find herself, her voice, her style (really just another voice, right?), and following her journey through the design world.





So when I saw her recent endeavor,, a collection of of-the-moment apparel designs dandified with cheeky hashtags, I was delighted, but not surprised.

Of course I nabbed this snapback as fast as I could decide black-with-white text or white-with black text (the Florida heat won that argument).




Feeling like a #happychewbacca? Want to warn passersby that you have #nofilter? Check out her other designs.

And because B loves me and I love you, use the promo code F#F to get 15% off your first order!

Happy #ing!


White tee, Mossimo, Target.

White shorts, Elie Tahari.

Silver oxfords, Calvin Klein.

#fashion snapback hat,

Action, Boys, Action

blue trench black white windowpane

I adore a dramatic collar.

According to Charlotte Bronte’s character Jane Eyre, people “must have action; and they will make it if they cannot find it.” I think Jane was onto something, because whenever I anticipate having a run-of-the-mill day, I feel obliged to wear a little something special, and this trench, with its oversized collar, front pockets, and bubble skirt, usually does the trick.

You would think that a punchy color like this would enjoy limited use in a wardrobe, but when you buy things in your favorite, most flattering colors, you’ll find yourself reaching for them over and over again.

White black windowpane

Along with my fondness for nearly theatrical proportions, I possess an incorrigible love of white and ivory pants. I insist on buying them, even though I have never been able to keep them clean or in good repair (we all have our vices). They do not pair well with park benches, coffee, pens, babies, or being in any sort of rush. I find it imperative to commute with a dark outer layer extending past the derriere for impromptu outdoor lunches, diaper changes, coffee on the drive in to work, etc.



Black and White windowpane top, Merona via a friend’s closet sale.

Pants, Elie Tahari.

Shoes, Cole Haan.

Earrings, ?.

Necklace, via Polk Museum of Art Gift Shop.

Bubble-skirt trench, Samuel Dong via a charming little shop in Charleston, SC called   Ooh! Ooh! Shoes