Pumpkin, Baby!

orange pants black linen jacket

When I was little, my mom’s nickname for me was Pumpkin Baby (apparently, I had rolls like a pumpkin ♥). It must have subconciously imbued me with a love for the shade, because now I can’t get enough of it.

Here I’ve paired the hue with neutral basics (leopard is a neutral, right, Jenna Lyons?) to let the wide-leg pants be the star.

Also, I finally bit the dust and bought a paper planner. I’m still adjusting to carrying something around the size of a small dictionary, but feeling more organized and reading an inspirational quote each day (yes, I’m a dork like that) helps soften the blow.Update: While setting up the links to this post, I found my “Happy Stripe” planner has a matching pen, so I may survive after all.


Pumpkin wide-leg pants, Whimsy Boutique.

White Tshirt, Target. Buy Now.

Black Linen Blazer, vintage Elie Tahari.

Leopard calf-hair belt, vintage Saks Fifth Avenue.

Black and tan wedges, Michael Kors.

Planner, Emily Ley (monogrammed to help me remember my name on the crazy days).


Δ 1 Thing-Sharpen It

In today’s installment of Δ 1 Thing, we’ll look  at the role of fabric and cut in creating an overall look.

navy linen pants

For spying airplanes in the back yard, navy linen drawstring pants are cool and casual.

Corsten ACDC shirt

A white cotton eyelet top with a vented back keeps things equally comfortable and cool.


black culottes at library

For a trip out into the wide world, swapping out linen for a pair of culottes in polyester crepe creates a sharper look but still keeps legs cool.

P.S. If you like to travel light on the weekends, get yourself one of these phone wallet/clutch thingies. Fabulous for phone, a few cards, change, and a lip gloss.

eyelet top back.jpg



White cotton eyelet top, One Heart Clothing.

Navy linen pants, love|tree.

Black polyester crepe culottes, Banana Republic.

Two-strap slides, J. Crew.

Phone wallet, Coach.