Don’t Make Me Pull a Katherine Hepburn


black pants white tux jacket floral scarf

I want to look like Audrey Hepburn, but I want to behave like Katherine Hepburn. Why?

I don’t understand women who don’t like to wear pants. I’m the kind of woman who completely empathizes with Katherine’s legendary pantless protests.

As the story goes, when Katherine was working at RKO, the rule was that women had to wear dresses. Katherine merrily disregarded that idiocy and sported pants anyway, presumably because she was KATHERINE FREAKING HEPBURN.

The execs were so furious they had all of her pants removed from her trailer while she was filming. Dauntless, Katherine sauntered around set in her skivvies until her beloved slacks were returned.

Can you blame her? Have you seen that woman in a pair of wide-leg trousers?!

black pants white tux jacket floral scarf 2

A good pair of pants not only makes your tush look good, but also generously plays a myriad of roles in your closet. Pair it with a jacket to make an office-worthy suit, and with a silky camisole for dinner after work.

black pants white tux jacket floral scarf 3

By the way, we haven’t stolen Corsten’s pants, but he frequently pulls a Hepburn and walks around without them anyway.

You know they say you have to pick your battles? Well, I have a lot more important stuff to worry about than 50s movie execs, apparently; this is not one of mine.


Black trousers, The Limited.

White tee, Mossimo via Target.

Ivory and black tuxedo jacket,

Black leather belt, Everlane.

Burgundy suede pumps, Nine West.

Dark floral silk scarf, Yuki Torii.