We Celebrate No Pants Fridays



Some clothes create amazing stories, and others come packaged with them.

My best friend (who I rarely get to shop with, which is probably a good thing, because we know how to enable the heck out of each other), came to town recently and met me at a new local boutique I had been wanting to show her for quite some time.

We were immediately drawn to this dress, and I picked it up to try on. As we explored the store, in walked a local stylist acquaintance who was putting together an upcoming fashion show in which I was scheduled to walk.

Seeing the dress in my hand, she exclaimed, “I was going to pull that for you to wear in the show!” (clearly, she has exquisite taste).



Some of us have taken Man Repeller’s decree of “No Pants Friday” to heart!

I tried on the dress, and the rest, as they say, is history. Because of the experience, I always think of my friends when I wear it.

I love a dress that picks one feature to accentuate, and with a dress this tight (as you can see from the pictures, I look 2 months pregnant if I wear it without Spanx after eating anything within the prior week), the length and high neckline keep it from veering out of daytime territory. And the exposed zipper is just sheer fun.


This dress is also a great reminder that perfect clothes off the rack are rarely ┬ámade, they’re tailored. The slit in the back was a little higher than I preferred, but my tailor sewed it partially shut for a nominal fee (I think it was $10).

Tailoring is such a small price to pay for feeling perfectly comfortable in your clothes, which can affect someone’s “look” even more than the exact articles of clothing they’re wearing.

I highly advise creating a line item for tailoring in your annual wardrobe budget (I probably spend about $500 annually, but nearly everything I own is tailored–even if it’s something as simple as getting that perfect-length hem or a sleeve taken in just so–so you may have different needs). It will make a monumental difference in how much you love your clothes!


Sheer black fishnet dress, 5th and Hall.

Cut-out heels, Cole Haan.

Handcuff bracelet–apologies, I have forgotten where I found it.