Splurge or save? A tale of DIY Gone Wrong

I was so smitten by these metallic foil tees that I saw at Zadig & Voltaire; I wanted one immediately.

But let’s get real–a tee shirt for $98? The “I’m a mom now and I’ll have to pay for another person to ‘find themselves’ at college” part of me balked. I became that annoying person you hear at every art festival–“I could do that.” I immediately spun visions of recreating them with fabric paint and a sponge.

That turned out to be a big ‘ole pile of Nope.

plain white tee

Thank goodness I tried this on Target t-shirts, which only set me back $12 each (their drape is great; I’d recommend getting one and then NOT painting it).

gold paint

If you really have to have it, sometimes the real deal is the way to go.

zv foil tee

Image courtesy Zadig & Voltaire.


{DIY} Heavy Metal

Like everyone else and their brother, I have fallen hard for grommets. Grommets on bags, grommets on jackets, you name it–give me ALL THE GROMMETS.

My obsession reached its zenith in Paris when I saw (yet another) striped shirt, this one punched with grommets.


However, room in my suitcase was nearing an end (as was my shopping budget), so I decided to try my hand at recreating the look on a shirt I already owned.

I think it turned out pretty well!

Finished Grommeted Shirt

DO try this at home, folks! All you’ll need is a grommet puncher (found at your local craft store) and the corresponding size grommets (I used 3/4″). Then punch away!

Grommeted Shirt at Airshow

What do you think about my creation? Would you try this on something you own?