Stars in Stripes {& Dots}

Aren’t you ready for a glamorous adventure? I’m always influenced by what I see happening around me, and when I spotted (no pun intended) these two ladies wearing flowing skirts in classic patterns, I imagined a surreptitious getaway inspired by the ’40s.

T&A on wall


T&A running for train distance


Volume in everything is happening right now, from skirts to pants to sleeves. You would think all that fabric would make one feel warmer, but it’s actually cooling as the fabric skims the body instead of clinging, allowing for air circulation.


T&Aon bench curtsey


If you love the idea of volume, but get overwhelmed by pattern, try pieces in solid colors or in classic patterns like Alice’s polka dot skirt. Tatiana’s skirt relies on a classic pattern of stripes, but (quite literally) turns the design on its side with stripes in a contrasting direction for a modern twist.


T&A on bench


For a bit of fun, add a modern print to a more classic one for a happy pattern mix (like Alice’s dark floral scarf here).


T&A pillar


If you love volume, by all means, carry it from head to toe. I like to keep some pieces in an ensemble more streamlined so that the voluminous piece can shine.


T&A walking on tracks2


Add a piece with volume to your wardrobe this summer and see where it takes you!



Skirts, 5th and Hall. (By the way, if you’re in Central Florida, you should know that the previous series-of-pop-ups-that-was-5th and Hall has turned into a full-fledged shop with menswear and womenswear. Their grand opening was last Friday-I’ll share my scores from that party soon-so now you don’t have to wait to snag one-or several-of their versatile pieces!)


Photographed: The lovely Alice Koehler & the gorgeous Tatiana Phillips


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