Never Trade a Classic (LBD)

Much has been said about that wardrobe staple to end all wardrobe staples, the Little Black Dress. I myself have preached many a sermon on their benefits, and always have at least one in my closet.

“But don’t you get bored wearing the same thing all the time?” clamors the congregation.

No, because I worship at the altar of the accessory (not as skillfully as the Great Master Iris Apfel, but with as much fervor and devotion).

We’ve all heard about the supernatural powers accessories have to transform a look, which is why we must resist the temptation to stick with “what works” lest we fail to discover some uncharted arrangements that end up revealing our original, shimmering selves.

The best thing about accessories (or excessories, as I sometimes like to call them), is that they’re available at all price points. I have an awesome cotton leopard print scarf that I purchased at the dollar store, and a huge silk scarf featuring a hand painted map of the Toronto train system that I, ahem…did not purchase at the dollar store. And of course, a range of everything in between. Discount no temple of fashion when searching for these little bits of heaven, whether it be a chichi boutique or wild street market.

If you’re looking for ways to restore your faith in the LBD this summer, consider the following for inspiration:

black dress original

My LBD in its original form, paired with simple jewelry and wedge sandals.


black dress with bomber sweater.jpg

I know bombers are A THING right now, but in this Florida heat, a cotton mesh one with a varsity vibe is the only one I can handle.


black dress with kimono belt

Love wide kimono belts but don’t have one handy? Tie a scarf around your waist. If you want bang for your buck, dark florals are a trend that will take you from summer to fall.

black dress with neckerchief

This is the summer of the neckerchief.

Which faithful article in your closet could use the transformative touch of an accessory?


#1. LBD, Arloh, Hattie’s Branches.

Black & tan wedges, Michael Kors.

Tiger’s Eye earrings, Sorrelli.

Tiger’s Eye & Swarovski crystal pendant, Oreb Lram, PMoA Gift Shop.


#2. Sweater, J.O.A., 5th and Hall.

Shoes, Cole Haan.

Earrings, Betsey Johnson.

Mother of Pearl ring, little shop in Belgium.


#3. Silk scarf, Yuki Torii, purchased on consignment.

Blue Agate earrings, purchased from a friend’s closet sale.

Pale pink pumps, Circa.


#4. Silk square paisley scarf, similar here, Ralph Lauren.

Black pearl brooch, purchased from a friend’s closet sale.

Black pearl earrings, I don’t remember.

Sandals, Michael Kors (or try this pair).



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