Good, Fast, & Cheap


There’s an old saying: in the trifecta of good, fast, and cheap, you may choose any two.

Generally, if something is good and you can get it quickly, it’s not cheap. If something can be gotten quickly and cheaply, it’s usually not very high quality. And if a high quality item is not that expensive, you’ll probably have to wait a while to get your hands on it.

Everyone has the parts of the trifecta that are most important to them, and we begrudgingly adjust our purchase patterns accordingly. I’ve always had a nearly dangerous love affair with “good,” and my means have many times required me to choose “cheap,” which means I’ve spent much of my life developing patience (not an easy feat for a Pisces, I assure you; in fact, my mother used to sing a little song to me that began, “Be patient, be patient, don’t be in such a hurry,” but I digress).

I’m still perfecting my patience skills, but what little I have acquired paid off big time in a pair of Gaimo espadrille slides I scored for $40 (!) at my local T.J. Maxx last weekend. I’ve been looking for an honest-to-goodness, handmade-in-Spain, chic-but-comfy (it is summer after all) pair for the past two summers, and had yet to find a pair that met my quality standards.

On several occasions, I’d nearly caved and bought a cheaper pair, but I’ve always tried my darndest to invest in fewer, higher-quality pieces (a philosophy to which I’m clinging even more tightly since reading numerous articles, including this one in Vogue, on the damage fast fashion is doing to the planet and my fellow human beings).

As soon as I stepped into the cushy leather and jute soles of these neutral-hued (read: immediately going into heavy rotation) darlings, I knew I found my new Pair of Summer Shoes (everyone has that one pair…). And because they’re so well made, I know I can count on them for several summers to come.

While I’m elated my patience proved fruitful, you can get a similar pair here (I especially adore the orange wedge and the brown suede fringe versions) if your tendencies trend toward “good and fast.”

Warning: it will be excruciatingly difficult to change them out for heels on your next day in the office.


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