How to Wear: Dress Over Pants

Dress over pants looking at hat

Sometimes what we need to push us out of our comfort zone is an accident or necessity (the old mother of invention herself).

I purchased this lovely lightweight summer dress on sale, but when I put it on at home and started moving around (and sitting down) in it, it felt way too short for my tastes. I couldn’t return it because it was final sale, so what to do?


Dress over pants with hat

You may have seen the recent street style trend of wearing a dress over pants. While it’s not my natural inclination, I decided to give it a go with these leggings I picked up last week.

I know you thought I had a abhorrence for wearing yoga pants in public that rivaled only my animosity towards slow drivers in the left lane, but leggings and yoga pants are not the same. Leggings are a fantastic complement to a flowy top and I fully endorse donning them at every possible opportunity.

So how can you determine if that pair of stretchy pants you’re reaching for are polished enough for everyday wear? Here’s a handy comparison to help you out:

Yoga pants:

  • Are usually made of performance or moisture-wicking fabric.
  • Have brightly colored or bold athletic designs.
  • Are sold with a matching sports bra.


  • Are made of soft fabric representative of real clothing (yes, I said it).
  • Resemble a slim-fit pair of pants.
  • Have intelligent details that clearly elevate them to pants status. Sophisticated design, regular seams, pockets, zippers, buttons, lacing, trim, or–my favorite–studs often differentiate leggings from their sporty counterparts, giving them a leg up (no pun intended) on the fashion food chain.


These leggings from Population are softer than a baby bunny, so I anticipate they’ll enjoy a heavy rotation in my wardrobe.



Dress, Greylin via Hattie’s Branches.

Leggings, population via Babe’s Shoes & Apparel.

Shoes, Cole Haan.

Hat, Brixton via Bearcat & Big6.

Earrings, TJ Maxx.

Necklace, Polk Museum of Art Gift Shop.


4 thoughts on “How to Wear: Dress Over Pants

  1. Love this, love you….you are a treasure and your fashion wisdom is what we all know to be pure inner radience from your core. Knowing and getting to be the benefactors of your passion is stinking cool!!!!

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