Pattern Play

emerald and stripes2.jpg

Sometimes I think I have three settings: dark, white, and high-wattage.

While I’m usually covered head to toe in neutral shades, I sometimes decide to go for ALL THE COLORS at once. This usually happens when, veering from my normal routine of planning my outfits in advance, I let a particular outfit evolve subject to the day’s whims.

Today I thought, “Why stop at colors? Let’s add some patterns into the mix.”

The result: a cheeky mix of emerald, stripes, leopard, and plum (on my lips). Perhaps it’s because the fashion world uses stripes and leopard so often that I pretty much view them as neutrals (thank you, Jenna Lyons), but somehow, it all just works.

emerald and stripes.jpg

With such a variety of patterns and colors, I thought it best to keep my jewelry simple.



Sunburst Pencil Skirt, buy here} 5th and Hall.

Mattress-ticking striped shirt [I’m wearing it wrapped instead of buttoned], via What’s New Consignment [scored for $1, people!].

Leopard kitten heels, Liz Claiborne, bought at Belk on clearance for $17 ages ago [I sometimes remember the most random facts about my clothes. This pair is proof that sometimes your shoes find you; they look like a luxuriously worn carpet and I’ve spent far more than $17 having them reheeled numerous times over the years. I don’t want to think of the “Tragedy of cataclysmic proportions” that will undoubtedly befall my wardrobe when they finally leave me].

Earrings, via TJ Maxx.

Chain link bracelet, stainless steel via Kohl’s [I have tiny wrists, which makes finding bracelets that fit a challenge. After searching for the longest time for a hefty chain bracelet that fit my tiny wrist but didn’t weigh down my arm, I finally found this men’s version at Kohl’s. I took it to the jeweler’s to have the extra links removed, and voila! the perfect bracelet (and being stainless steel, it never tarnishes). Today’s style lesson, kids: sometimes finding the perfect item for you requires a little creativity.

Charm bracelet, cherished personal gift.



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