Casual Cashmere


navy cashmere

Break the mold, not the bank.

You might assume that since I’m always preaching the gospel of buying fewer articles of clothing made of the highest quality that I advocate racking up zaftig credit card bills in chi-chi boutiques.


Interior designer Vincente Wolf said,

“Glamour doesn’t have to break the bank, but it should break the mold.”

(I love this quote so much I framed it on my bookcase).

I scored this navy cashmere classic v-neck sweater at a consignment store for $10 several years ago. I bet the cost-per-wear of this baby is something like 3 cents.

I love the way this sweater “breaks the mold” with its details. Upon close inspection, it appears to be sewn inside out with longer ribbing at the wrists and the perfect balance of slouchy and fitted cut. A classic item that has carefully thought-out details will become a cherished find; train your eye to look for exceptional details (have I impressed upon you the importance of “detail” enough yet?).

The key to scoring great items like this on consignment is to shop with a supremely critical eye and buy items that have a classic shape or can be altered easily. Don’t shop when you’re under pressure to procure something specific (ever!). Also, be ready to be pleasantly surprised by your finds–you never know what gem you’ll uncover!



Cashmere Sweater, Aqua via What’s New Consignment

Skinny jeans, Level 99 via Hattie’s Branches

Over-the-knee boots, Michael Kors via Zappos


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