Flight Suit

flight suit.jpg

I’m flying to Belgium today.

It’s a little embarrassing to admit (being 37 and all), but this is the first time I’m traveling to Europe.

Naturally, I have been doing a hefty amount of research on what to wear on the flight (because I can’t take the word of my husband who does this all the time. On the upside, I discovered several delightful blogs in the process).

The travel experiences I’ve had so far have generally allowed me to retain some dose of elegance (I must combat the slew of velour jogging suits at the airport. How is it that Juicy Couture is still cranking those out?!).

Since this is a much longer flight than I’m used to, I’m capitulating to all those battle-scarred jet-setters who insist I keep comfort in front of mind. However, I find myself unable to totally abandon attempts at glamour because, well, have you met me?

I’ll be gallivanting around Brussels for a full day on my own before I can check into the hotel, and so many wildly exotic things could happen—I must be prepared for them, at least sartorially.

Kara Mulder of The Flight Attendant Life recommends a pair of Zella Slim-Fit Live-in leggings (random question: are there any kind of leggings other than slim-fit?). They’re moisture-wicking and reversible, but struck me as being passable for non-athletic clothing, so I ordered a pair.

This silk tunic is loose-fitting but upgrades the outfit a notch above athleisure.

Anyone who’s ever navigated an airport knows the importance one’s shoes play in molding the other passengers’ feelings toward you. Wear shoes whose intricacy requires a 20-minute removal and re-application process, and the people behind you in the TSA line will shoot daggers into your back with their eyes. Wear shoes with no sock/stockings/inner lining, and people will harbor secret misgivings about your hygiene.

To be on the safe side, I am wearing simple polished loafers. I can wear a sock liner with them, so I can easily slip them on and off and still not have to touch the floor in the x-ray booth.

Finally, I am cold. Always. I could be on a tropical beach in 90-degree weather, and I guarantee you, I will be cold. One of the BEST. INVESTMENTS. I ever made was this full-on blarf (blanket scarf)–it’s great for flights and layovers.

Since it’ll be a tad chilly (!) when I disembark, I’m packing my coat in the top layer of my luggage. I’m not-so-secretly hoping to find a killer coat in Belgium, so I picked up a coat at Burlington that looks passable with a few alterations, but I can leave there if I need to.



Zella Live-in Leggings, Nordstrom.com

Silk tunic, Michael Kors.

Black pebbled leather loafers, Coach.

Cashmere Travel Wrap, White + Warren.

Navy Wool Coat, Michael Kors.

Shades, Betsey Johnson via TJ Maxx.


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