Change 1 Thing

black skirt black shoes   black skirt brown boots    black skirt metallic silver oxfords   black skirt red shoes


One of my all-time favorite books on sartorial style is The Lucky Shopping Manual, written by the former editors of Lucky Magazine, Kim France and Andrea Linett.

In it, they dispense some “Why didn’t I think of that?” style advice, a portion of which appeared under sections entitled, “Sure…but why not…?” As my style evolves, I’ve taken that on as somewhat of a mantra, and every time I reach for the “safe” option in my closet, I challenge myself to stretch a little farther.

It’s been so instrumental in helping me expand my sense of style, that I’m going to start sharing my adventures with you under posts called “Change 1 Thing.”

Many times, by changing just one aspect of your outfit, you can change the entire vibe of your look. An outfit that you previously found passable but uninspiring can suddenly blossom with possibilities.

Look, I’ll start you off easy–our first foray into changing one thing will use shoes (see? This is going to be completely painless.).

Sure, the black suede pumps on the left are a classic finish to a nearly monochromatic outfit of navy and black.

But why not exchange them for chocolate over-the-knee boots to winterize a floaty skirt? Outfit feels too feminine for you? Slip on a pair of dark silver oxfords for a hit of menswear glam.

All these neutrals leave you feeling a little sleepy? Some red suede stunners will make you want to kick up your heels and dance.

The next time you automatically reach for the easy choice, consider whether your day’s activities will allow you a little space to change one thing. You never know what a little change might bring your way!





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