Your Invitation to Love Your Style

Life is funny sometimes (or often, if your life is anything like mine).

I got into this blogging gig to help my friends who were constantly asking about my style, how I put things together to achieve a certain effect, how I made being put together seem fun. So I started writing about my adventures in style and sharing the “insider knowledge” I’ve learned along my way. That led to personal shopping and styling for clients, which I find to be even more effective in helping someone perfect great style.

Enter the “life is funny” part: while there is a good amount of knowledge that can be imparted through writing, sometimes it’s so much easier to learn in a face-to-face setting.

I was reminded of this when I spent a recent afternoon scouring YouTube and the rest of the interwebs for information on how to do a super-cool, high-techy effect in Photoshop. After three hours of Photoshopping and absolutely no progress (and quite possible a good deal of regression), I posted a desperate plea for help on Facebook. Like the real-life Wonder Woman she is, my friend Mere answered the call, jumped on my computer and accomplished in ten minutes what I had been trying to do for hours. This reminded me of something I’ve known for a long time, but often forget:

It takes a team.

Sometimes we invite a world of pain into our lives by trying to do it all ourselves (I may or may not be speaking from personal experience here), when, if we just took advantage of assistance from someone who’s a little further down the path from us, our lives would be so much richer (and dare I say, easier!).

So I invite you to Love Your Style, an interactive style workshop I’ll be hosting this February. I’ve designed this workshop specifically to help you get a handle on your personal style and which clothing styles flatter you. I want to give you some strategies to make shopping fun instead of a soul-sucking ordeal (can I get an Amen?). And because I know you’re busy, I’ve distilled all this and more down into an hour, respecting your time with valuable activities and information.

If that’s not enough for you, (check out my guest posts on their site) will be providing a swag bag of delightful goodies for each and every attendee.

And I’m pleased to announce that everyone who brings a new or gently used item of clothing for the Top Buttons Boutique will receive a $5.00 discount (use promo code STYLEME at checkout)!

One last note: if you’re pretty sure your man is going to make a visit to the mall in a panic on Christmas Eve and buy you a piece of jewelry shaped like a heart or a butterfly, do him a solid and send this post to him. And just like that–you’re getting a better stocking stuffer this year.


2 thoughts on “Your Invitation to Love Your Style

  1. This sounds like it’s gonna be so much fun, I wish I could be there!
    I’ll make sure to share this post in case I have a reader whose in the area that might like to attend! 🙂

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