My Heart is Silk

I love going out, meeting new people, and exploring the world, but there’s still nothing like coming HOME.

If “Home is Where the Heart Is,” my heart used to look like ratty old t-shirts and paint-splattered gym shorts. After a long day at work, sometimes you just want to be comfortable.

But alas, I’ve watched Ginger Rogers float around her hotel room on the big screen in an elegant satin dressing gown far too often to be satisfied with ratty lounge clothes. I decided it wasn’t asking too much to be comfortable and look polished at home, and set out on a mission to find a lounge style that works for me.

0K2A7378Ginger Rogers’ gowns were amazing, but I bet she didn’t have to do laundry in them. Silk shorts retain a bit of glamour, while a simple cotton tank and off-shoulder sweatshirt (no holes or stains!) keep the outfit suited to domestic pursuits.


0K2A7349With an energetic bambino, sometimes just getting dressed on a weekend morning is an ambitious goal! For those times when I leap out of bed to answer a cry, having a silk dressing gown handy is expedient and a bit more glamorous.




0K2A7400Make sure your lounge clothes are constructed in sumptuous colors that flatter you. They don’t have to be expensive; I often find my lounge clothes at outlet stores or sales. That being said, once or twice in my life, I’ve dropped serious money on a silk robe or nightgown whose design made me gasp. Worth every penny.


0K2A7404I know, I know–how many pearl necklaces does a girl need? One more, of course!



Silk Pyjama shorts, Victoria’s Secret.

White tank, Target.

Sexy sweatshirt, Victoria’s Secret.

Silk kimono robe, Victoria’s Secret.

Photography courtesy of Emily Plank Photography.






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