Never Trade A Classic

When I’m working with people to choose the three words that define their style, they sometimes choose the word “classic.” I love classic styles, but I discourage people from choosing that as one of their words because “classic” can span several styles, so that doesn’t really give much direction for formulating a wardrobe (classic what? Classic bohemian? Classic mod? Classic prep?).


Other words I recommend avoiding:

  • Trendy (there are several trends each season, and if you adopt them all, you look more “fashion victim” than “fashionista”)
  • Relaxed (you can buy casual clothing in nearly any style)
  • Casual (see above)
  • Comfortable (comfortable clothing exists in nearly every style)


If you’re drawn to any of these words, dig a little deeper and ask, “What exactly about this word do I feel describes me?” Then try to get at a more specific word to include in your trio.


As with most things in life, a little concentrated thought up front can yield great rewards later on.


As much as I love a night on the town, it’s always great to come home.
The Breakdown:

Black sweater dress, Elie Tahari.

Calf-hair leopard pumps, Ralph Lauren.

Emerald-colored earrings, Sorrelli.

Dark metallic bag, Marc Jacobs for Target.

Photography courtesy of Emily Plank Photography.


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