Never Have Nothing to Wear Again

Photo courtesy of Emily Plank Photography.

Photo courtesy of Emily Plank Photography.

I love fashion as art; I love seeing the creativity spill off the runways into the stores each season. But here’s the ugly truth:

Clothes shopping can get overwhelming, even for a junkie like me.

How do we distill the array of offerings down to a collection that truly expresses who we are?

We begin with the end in mind.

After hearing an interior designer describe the method she uses to create and decorate spaces, I began using her interior design philosophy to define and refine my personal style.

She explained that when designing a room, she chooses three words to describe the feelings she wants people to experience when they enter that space, and then funnels all of her design decisions through the filter of those three words. The end result is a nuanced but cohesive look that stirs an emotional response.

So if you’re tired of spending more time shopping for your clothes than wearing them,

Choose 3 words to define your personal style.

These words should get to the very heart of who you are as a person, the words you feel best describe you.

Now orchestrate all of your clothing purchases through the filter of those 3 words.

It takes a little more thought up front, but a lot less work from then on.

When you carefully consider your three words and build your wardrobe accordingly, you will always have something to wear that perfectly reflects you as a person. And guess what?

People will get the message of who you really are.

Are you ready to feel madly confident every time you get dressed?

It’s time to feel good in your clothes again.

P.S. Over the next few posts, I’ll give you some tips for choosing your 3 words in case you’re feeling a little stuck. I’ll also divulge my 3 words and show you how I execute them in various aspects of my life.


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