Pack It Up, Pack It In, Just Where to Begin?

Packing dresser all

Anna Wintour is my whimsical little piece of “home away from home.”

I love traveling, but I hate packing. I feel like I’m participating in that “you pass three of your friends standing in the rain at the bus stop but your car is a two-seater; which one do you pick up?” exercise. It just seems like I’m always forced to leave some of my best “clothes friends” behind.

That was certainly the case on a recent 4-day work trip, where I had to look polished despite a “casual” dress code (read: no flip-flops here).

Because every inch counts in a weekender bag, I like to physically lay out my outfits down to the underpinnings (not pictured here) and accessories (I think I can safely show you those) to minimize the chance of leaving behind any key players.

So while I did forget my pyjamas, I managed to remember everything I needed to wear in public, including a scarf for the always over-air-conditioned conference centers.

In the next post, I’ll show you how I navigate casual but professional attire, but in the meantime, do you have any strategies that have revolutionized your packing game (maybe I can avoid having to sleep in the nude next time)?



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