Just Add Plaid

Just Add Plaid

Cotton plaid shirt, American Living via What’s New Consignment. Cutoff denim, Express via 360 Unlimited. Belt, Banana Republic. Shades, Vila,. Bag, Boondock Studios.

I’m crazy about all the black and white combos I’m seeing in the fall fashions, and it inspired me to pull an item out of the back of my closet I haven’t worn in a while.

I bought this American plaid button down (for $10!) at What’s New Consignment a few years ago. I love the simplicity of the pattern, and while the ruffles were a little too frilly for my taste, I didn’t let that stop me from pairing the shirt with everything from pencil skirts to black jeans to cutoffs.

But upon the most recent viewing, I was suddenly REALLY weary of the ruffles. So with about 3 seconds forethought, I snagged a pair of scissors from the drawer and trimmed down one of them. After looking at the shirt anew for a few minutes, I kind of liked the one-ruffle look, so I left the other one (I can always cut that one off later if I get another whim).

One thing I love about clothes on consignment is that I can make even major alterations and even if I hate it, I’m usually not out a huge sum.

Before divesting yourself of a once-favorite piece, give it one more look-over. Could a small tweak or even drastic overhaul catapult it back into rock-star status in your wardrobe?


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