3 Pairs

Spring has sprung, and this time of year always has me yearning for renewal in my closet. Maybe it’s the Florida girl in me, but spring shoe designs are usually my favorite—they’re more bare than boots, but haven’t yet reached the two-straps-of-leather style that we Floridians are forced to don in the summer months because it’s so hot our feet are sweating.

Of course, we’d all love to buy an entirely new shoe wardrobe every year, but who has the money (or time or closet space) for that? So here are my recommendations for the shoes that you’ll get the most style mileage out of this spring if your shoe budget is a little limited (full disclosure—these recommendations assume you already have a serious pair of black pumps and a comfortable pair of nude pumps. You don’t?! Run, don’t walk to your nearest computer and hit the checkout button now! Then come back here):

If you can buy only one pair:JCrew Leopard stella pumps

LEOPARD. Leopard, leopard, leopard.

Leopard has been A Thing for a hot minute now, but there’s good reason it’s popularity hasn’t diminished. It lends chic to black and other neutrals and a dose of cheekiness to brights and prints (Exhibit A: the J. Crew catalog. “Leopard is a neutral”—Jenna Lyons is my kind of girl).


If you can buy only two pairs:PG.NWJOWZER.JJ127A4.PZ

A muted tone like blush, dusky blue, or lucite green. Elegant with the pastels so popular right now, they’ll also pair well with deeper, warmer tones in fall.


If you can buy only three pairs:Cole haan sandals

A pair of block-heeled sandals. Great for grounding airy styles, and low-heeled pairs can work with mid-and long-length shorts as well.


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