$10.17 Fixed My Wardrobe

Black Knit Work 5x7

Captain Obvious Statement of the Day: taking care of a baby is hard work! I envy the discipline of all those moms who never miss a workout; I am not one of them (so needless to say, I still have a few more inches to go before I’m back to my BC–Before Corsten–size).

While I have a true loft-style closet (read: miniscule), it’s still a little depressing to stare daily at a rack of Beloved Clothes I Can’t Wear, no matter how small it may be.



Black Knit Weekend 5x7

Normally, I’m a fan of building your wardrobe in a very calculated, deliberate manner with high-quality, classic pieces. I’m not crazy about the idea of buying something that may fall apart in two months. But suddenly, I find myself in need of something to wear for (hopefully) only two months because I cannot wear maternity clothes ONE. MORE. DAY. And I’m just crazy enough to want leftover pocket change to return to my normal wardrobe-building strategy this summer (REISS, stop haunting my dreams!).

Enter the Old Navy Clearance rack. At odds with my general wardrobe strategy, but ideal for a few pieces to carry me through to that glorious day when I can once again slip on my favorite jeans–and BUTTON THEM.



Black Knit Date 5x7

This little black knit number is perfect with a bright blazer for work, can transition to weekend with a simple pair of espadrilles, and isn’t too shabby at dinner with a richly-colored scarf.


Work: Dress, Old Navy. Blazer, Hattie’s Branches Boutique. Shoes, Michael Kors. Bag, Coach. Snakeskin bangle, five and dime.

Weekend: Earrings, Magari by Eva Mora. Bag, Brahmin (via What’s New Consignment). Espadrilles, GAP. Nail polish, Jamberry Cardinal. Gold bangle, five and dime.

Date: Scarf, Who knows? (sometimes I pick these things up on a whim from places I can’t remember 2 days later). Belt, Hattie’s Branches Boutique. Booties, Coach.


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