Thinking Pink


My love for the moto jacket began with a camel Michael Kors number that I searched four years for before finding in an outlet mall on a business trip (yes, I am THAT picky). For a couple of years, I wore it the way every leather jacket is supposed to be worn–to death–until I misplaced it on a business trip this summer. I frantically checked (every day) with the hotel concierge to see if it had been found by another kind guest, but forlornly returned home without it. After crying on my man’s shoulder several times the next week, I resigned myself to life without THE JACKET and moved on.

Sometime later, a beaten-up brown box arrived on my doorstep bearing my prized possession. It turns out that The Most Wonderful Man in the World (as he shall henceforth be addressed), knowing how much of a loss I endured (or perhaps just tiring of me sighing every time I rifled through my blazers, lady jackets, and anoraks) apparently plagued the hotel with calls until they were “encouraged” to search a little more thoroughly for my beloved friend.

Now that my camel beauty has regained its rightful place next to my beloved charcoal tweed Tahari blazer, I realize more than ever how crucial it is in my wardrobe. A solid staple, it brings a touch of cool to my weekend jeans and t-shirts and a dash of downtown to my workweek basics.

You would think this would make me thoroughly content to reinstall it in all its former haunts, but instead, I’m inspired to extend my moto collection in a in a new direction–pink. Rosy iterations of the classic are cropping up everywhere (no doubt inspired by their appearance on last spring’s runways and this spring’s “en plein air” palette.

I think of all that black it would be a nice foil to, but also how well it would pair with the burgundies we all acquired last fall as well as the muted colors coming our way this spring. I daresay it would even liven up a Marsala top or shoe (if the Pantone color of the year is your thing).

Let the hunt begin (and if you’re inclined to join me, I’ve pinned a few of my favorites here to get you started)!