Wear THIS to An Art Exhibit in a Funeral Home

Some might say, “An art gallery in a funeral home? That’s a terrible idea.” To which I channel Under the Tuscan Sun and retort, “Hmm…terrible idea—don’t you just love those?”

Indeed, I am a complete sucker for wonderful terrible ideas, which is why I am so looking forward to the exhibit of Sarah Brewington’s Photography, Abby Jarvis’s poetry, and Michael McArthur’s music at the 2125 Gallery in the Lakeland Funeral Home tomorrow evening.

Adding to my intrigue is the exposure I’ve had so far to the artists’ works, which are anything but macabre.

So what does one wear to an art exhibit in a funeral home? Is black classic or too cliché? Is it bad form to rock bright color where others have travailed the murky waters of losing a loved one?

In another facility, I might shy away from anything too audacious, but when a website immediately assaults you with huge block letters reading, “Celebrate life,” you tend to think that these people are more about living fully and dying well, and isn’t that what artistic and sartorial expression is all about?

In that vein, I offer up to you the following recommendations for what to wear to a funeral home art gallery:

AT Jumpsuit Front

Yes, this is black, but you definitely won’t be mistaken for someone in mourning in a sharp tuxedo jumpsuit from Ann Taylor. I like this particular suit because it comes in petite and tall sizes (can I get an amen from all my girls who aren’t 5’5”?!). Add a bold cuff and earrings, a bright clutch, and you’re good to go.

Etro Saffron Dress

Conversely, (and given the natural elements in Brewington’s and Jarvis’s work), I might also go in a more bohemian direction. While my personal style could not be further away from boho, I saw this Etro dress in the November issue of Vogue and immediately thought if anything could tempt me in that direction, THIS would be it. This dress would be completely at home in an exhibit of this character. The wide belt and suede boots nod to the outfit’s natural inspiration but are polished, while the rich saffron pattern of the dress is solidly encamped in “free spirit luxe” rather than “I found this at the bottom of a clearance bin at Goodwill.” Bonus: the dress does the heavy lifting in the impact department, so you can just add a delicate gold earring and let the dress shine.

I hope to see you tomorrow night rocking your best YOU!


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