1932 Lincoln Judkins Coupe Hood Ornament

2014 Lake Mirror Auto Classic

“As far as I’m concerned, clothes shouldn’t make women into stereotypes; they should represent us, express what we really are. Traveling influences me, as do ballets, books, music, encounters with other people; in fact, just about everything influences me except what I see in the fashion world.”

–Alix Petit, creator of Heimstone


1934 Buick 60 Series Coupe Hood Ornament

1934 Buick 60 Series Coupe Hood Ornament

I love my glossies as much as the next shoe-obsessed girl, but there’s one source of style inspiration that the glossies, with all of their (coveted) glitz and glamour, can’t top–and that’s life. Usually, I am most enduringly influenced by the same sources as Ms. Petit, and this month, inspiration came in the form of the 2014 Lake Mirror Auto Classic in central Florida.

Rivets prompt me to add a bit more metal to this fall's outfits.

Rivets prompt me to add a bit more metal to this fall’s outfits.

For a girl who generally passes over details like broccoli on the way to a chocolate factory, I sure do have an affinity for them in clothes, dwellings, and cars, and it was the detail that caught my eye at this month’s show, inspiring some aspect of every ensemble as of late.

1938 Bugatti Type 57C

This 1938 Bugatti Type 57C makes me want to add a dose of rich cognac to every ensemble.

The Auto Classic showcases everything from American muscle to British roadsters, but every year finds me lingering over the exotics and Pre-war models.

Morgan Hood

Details such as hood ornaments and gear shifts conjure up the grace and elegance of bygone eras, driving the desire for those elements in my current wardrobe.

So if you notice me eschewing sporty pool slides and cheeky sweatshirts in favor of smooth leathers and shiny metals this season, don’t be surprised. Art imitates life (or perhaps vice versa?).




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