The Eyes Have It

This is going to seem like a strange piece of beauty advice coming from a girl who once purchased a palette of eyeliner powders and used only the brown, but I’m telling you—I swear by well-shaped eyebrows.

Perhaps it’s my Italian heritage (a Korean friend’s mom once told me I could be a model in South Korea because of my hairy arms), or my hair stylist’s intensity of belief in the difference it makes (“I love eyebrows!”), but such a seemingly small detail as having your brows shaped consistently can really change the overall look of your facial features.

However, don’t take my word for it—hop on Pinterest and search that ageless Italian beauty, Sophia Loren, and see if you don’t agree with me. Loren’s brows range at times from delicate to downright solid (I personally prefer them on the stronger side), but they never fail to frame her features perfectly.

Sophia Loren

Here are my five steps to perfect brows:

  1. Stop someone on the street whose brows you love (perfect strangers included).
  2. Tell them you love their brows and ask where they get theirs done.
  3. Immediately whip out your phone and make an appointment with said brow magician.
  4. Keep appointment (that’s a key step) and tip generously (because this person’s work is about to get you major compliments).
  5. Smile, because you are ferocious.

The Eyes Have It - 3

Now that you’ve been inspired by your amazing brows, try this simple but stunning look worn at the Spring-Summer 2014 Jason Wu Show. Or the incredibly polished cat eye seen at the Yves Saint Laurent Show.



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