Top Buttons Wardrobe Makeover

IMG_5494Sometimes I wish I could walk around with a sign on my forehead reading, “Hello, Gorgeous” so that every woman I encounter might catch a glimpse of how beautiful they really are. Some of my happiest moments in life have involved helping women look and feel their best, and this past weekend was no exception. This Saturday, I was privileged to work with Top Buttons (a nonprofit organization that provides “a modest fashion resource for young women produced mainly by young women”) and a bevy of other truly amazing stylists, makeup artists, photographers, and students to bring wardrobe makeovers to girls in need in the community in which I live. Every aspect of this event was designed with the intent to instill confidence in young women and pair them with clothing resources to send clear, confident messages in a modest way.

I had only to look around at the faces of participants (girls nominated by organizations like Pace Center for Girls and Girls, Inc.), beaming from ear to ear, eyes lighting up with the discovery of their own potential as stylists helped them select clothing that worked for their body type, makeup artists doled out tips on eyeliner techniques, and photographers and videographers cajoled, “Show me that gorgeous smile” to see the impact being made on these girls’ lives.

One girl in particular walked into the event with slouched shoulders, averting eye contact, and left channeling Naomi Campbell. I am nearly floored by another girl, styled in bright yellow slim-cut pants paired with a geometrically-patterned gauzy black and white shirt focusing her laser-beam steel blue eyes at a camera, tears rolling down her newly-blushed cheeks, to say “thank you to the donors” that made the event possible.

As usually happens when one participates in an undertaking of this nature, I arrived happy that I was able to lend my efforts to helping someone else, and left realizing that it was I whose spirit had benefitted most. Special thanks to Top Buttons for inviting me to participate.


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