Punkin Baby

In her infinite prescience, my mother used to call me “Punkin Baby.” According to her, it was because my legs and arms had so many rolls when I was a baby that they resembled a pumpkin, but I like to think it was a harbinger of the love affair I now have with the color.

For having a “love affair” with pumpkin, I certainly don’t have much of it in my closet (a bag, silk blouse and scarf come to mind), probably because I don’t often see it utilized in my favorite clothing lines. However, it’s one of those colors that when I see done well, I lose all restraint, and the item goes home with me.

Punkin Baby - PurseIn the words of Chanel, “The best color is the one that looks good on you,” and so it is she I blame for this obsession. To me, pumpkin is one of those colors that, done cheaply, looks so, and done well, looks exquisite. (It doesn’t hurt that even under those deranged store dressing room lights, said exquisite pumpkin gives a warm glow to my skin that isn’t replicated by many other colors).

It’s difficult to feed my obsession for pumpkin during the months when shades of that hearty fruit (at least, botanically speaking) are just starting to find their way into the layouts for the September issues, but this little cotton-silk infinity scarf (read: unimaginably light! Your neck will not be drenched in sweat in the Florida sunshine!) that I picked up for a song in a hotel gift shop this summer (yes, I know it sounds crazy, but do not discount the well-appointed hotel or airport gift shop for some truly unusual finds) did the trick.

Punkin Baby - ScarfWhat’s your color (you know the one—sick for days, but you put it on, and voila! You’re a generally radiant human being again)? Post a pic of your favorite hue in the comments!


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