Buy What You’ll Wear

Buy What You WearWe’ve all read books claiming to outline the perfect wardrobe.  Nina Garcia’s The One Hundred lists one hundred (hence the name) classic pieces every woman should own, while Lucky’s Style Manual outlines the number of skirts, pants, and tops someone should own as part of a well-rounded closet.

While these books are both cherished tomes occupying prime real estate on my bookshelves, I’m going to respectfully disagree with the experts on this one.

Here goes:

Buy what you’ll wear.

That’s right—I said it. Buy what you’ll wear.

I’m all for a little adventure. I’m all for breaking out of ruts and trying new colors and styles, but in the end, if you (like me) feel uneasy in a maxi dress, don’t buy one—even if they are all over the shelves and everyone from Kim Kardashian to Julia Roberts is wearing them.

And definitely don’t buy one just because Someone said you should have one as part of your wardrobe.

On the flip side, if you rock an opera-length glove like no one else, you should have several pairs in your arsenal even if Anna Wintour herself tells you not to be caught dead in them!

The key is to do the research to learn what actually looks good on you. Pair that with some inner soul-searching on what you actually prefer to wear and some thought as to what image you want to project, then form your wardrobe-building aspirations.

And if those aspirations include 27 skirts and no pairs of pants, so be it.


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