Good day, Sunshine!

I used to have no fewer than 7 coats (I think it was more, but 7 is the most I can swear to, and it’s egregious enough a number to demonstrate unnecessary levels of acquisition). When I lived in northern Ohio, the weather dictated that level of collection, but (thankfully) those heavy garments have all but since disappeared since I returned to live in my home state of Florida.

Not wanting to miss out on any type of obsessive behavior, however, I summarily began a new collection—that of summer hats. Even while living in the northern climes, my hat collection has never been what you might call spartan, but ever since I crossed the Florida-Georgia line, I’ve been more actively collecting hats to shield my face from the Sunshine for which this state is so famous.

Good Day Sunshine - Hat1Luckily (some would argue that point, but we ignore them and move on), I stumbled into a menswear shop in my hometown’s downtown district that has all the straw fedoras and trilbys a girl could dream of (classic colors! Functional venting! Small sizes!) at prices indicative of quality construction but not so prohibitive that said perfectly ventilated hat couldn’t be taken out on the boat for fear of losing it to the glassy, cool, translucent wave.

Good Day Sunshine - Hat2To these pretties are added crushable, high-SPF ribbon hats full of sand from trips to the beach, wide-brimmed straw hats that would be at home in My Fair Lady, and the random Target find, now stashed in the backseat and trunk of my car (and to his chagrin, my man’s truck) for afternoon drives with the moonroof open.

Not only do I feel just a bit more glam when wearing a hat, seeing other people wearing amazing hats adds a rosier tint to my aviators and makes me feel as if there is a bit more verve in the world.

This summer, I hope to see you out and about (or even in the comment thread) wearing your favorite summer topper. What do you look for in a summer hat? Any pieces you especially appreciated this season?

Good Day Sunshie - Chair

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